My Shop Featured on Creative Market

Ornaments of Grace by Creatifolio

I’m excited (and humbled) that the fine folks over at Creative Market have featured my shop this week on their home page! If you’re a creative pro who hasn’t yet discovered Creative Market, DO sign up today and discover a great place to buy and sell high-quality mousemade design content. Excuse me while I rave a little bit about how great Creative Market is: I’ve been a member since before they officially opened for business (couldn’t resist a free $5 in credit for signing up back then) and opened my shop, Ornaments of Grace, in late February of 2013. Since then I’ve been blessed with a great experience: the buying process is seamless, the selling process could not be easier (read: no review process!) and the staff is friendly and helpful. 

So a big thank you to Creative Market! I invite you to check out my shop, Ornaments of Grace.