A Creatifolio Product Recipe: Create a Beautiful Book

I’ve written a tutorial on Creative Market! It’s all about making a beautiful book on Blurb with their fantastic InDesign plugin, using your fun new design assets from Creative Market. Do you have InDesign and lots of great ideas for a book? Download the Blurb InDesign plugin to get started making your own book. You’re invited to follow along with me (and get a sneak peek on how to use some of the products from my shop as well!)


See the tutorial here.

I’ve also written several other guest posts on the Creative Market Blog. Check them out here:


A Month of Sundays: Drop Caps, Tutorials and an Etsy Coupon!

Designing Sunday Best, my latest font family, was a lot of fun, and it was a great learning experience. No, it didn’t take a month of Sundays to design, but it’s been in the works for quite a while! Like Church in the Wildwood, Sunday Best helped me realize the importance of staying organized during large, long-term designs. Sunday Best has 2 styles, each with at least 13 weights (Plain has 13, Fancy has 14.) Originally, there were more (and maybe someday there will be!) But after everything finally came together, 27 fonts later, I wondered just how much Sunday Best could do.


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