A Month of Sundays: Drop Caps, Tutorials and an Etsy Coupon!

Designing Sunday Best, my latest font family, was a lot of fun, and it was a great learning experience. No, it didn’t take a month of Sundays to design, but it’s been in the works for quite a while! Like Church in the Wildwood, Sunday Best helped me realize the importance of staying organized during large, long-term designs. Sunday Best has 2 styles, each with at least 13 weights (Plain has 13, Fancy has 14.) Originally, there were more (and maybe someday there will be!) But after everything finally came together, 27 fonts later, I wondered just how much Sunday Best could do.


Sunday Best wears many hats and has a lot of character. With multiple base weights, shadow weights, and embellishment weights, Sunday Best is a bit like your junior high school math lesson on permutations, especially when color and text effects come into play: how many different ways can Sunday Best combine? What can it create?


So, I would like to introduce the Month of Sundays Drop Cap Project. For each letter of the alphabet, I’ve used Sunday Best in a completely unique way, arranging and pairing complementary weights of the family together to showcase its personality. Every weekday in the month of March, you can download a new decorative drop cap as a high-resolution PNG file. To make it more fun, I’ll present a short tutorial in each post explaining how you can recreate the letter in Adobe Illustrator.

Month of Sundays Cover

I invite you to join me in discovering how much fun Sunday Best can be! To get you started, I’m offering an exclusive coupon code you can use to buy the full-price Sunday Best on Etsy for 65% off. Add Sunday Best Complete Family to your Etsy cart today and use coupon code SUNDAYBEST65 at checkout.* The Creative Market intro offer on Sunday Best will be extended until May 1, 2014.

*The coupon code expires August 1, 2014. The coupon code is valid on a purchase of $50 or more in my Etsy shop only.

Thoughts? Share them!

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