Month of Sundays: G

Thanks for following along with the Month of Sundays Drop Cap Project! For our seventh letter:

Drop Cap-G

Drop Cap Displays7

Creating the Letter


  1. Create a new document in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Using the type tool, create your letter. Choose a color and make the font Sunday Best Plain No Frills.
  3. In the layer palette, duplicate the letter two times in place. (File > Copy; File > Paste in Front) You should now have three identical layers with the same letter.
  4. Each layer is as follows, from bottom to top: (Each layer is a different color)
      • Sunday Best Plain Shadow Artisan – Stylistic Set 1
      • Sunday Best Plain No Frills
      • Sunday Best Plain Embellished Jeweled – Stylistic Set 1
  5. Select the Embellished Jeweled type layer and expand it (Right click > Create Outlines). You can now make each little “jewel” a different color.
  6. To create the frame: select the rectangle tool, and starting in the middle of your drop cap, draw a square around it so that it is centered. G-1
  7. In the Appearance palette, add one fill to the frame you just created and give it a fill color. Next, select the fill and go to Effect > Stylize > Scribble. Here are the settings I used: G-3
  8. After you’ve got your settings just the way you want them, go back to the appearance palette and duplicate the fill twice.
    G-2Now you’ve got three of the same fills. To achieve a colored or scribbled look, vary the fill color slightly and adjust the angle of the scribble on each one. Done!


  • Use the OpenType palette (Window > Type > Opentype) to enable Stylistic Sets/Alternates.

OpenType SA

  • Another way to do this is to use the Glyphs palette (Window > Type > Glyphs).
  • The appearance palette is a very convenient place to “store” all of your text, fill, and stroke effects. It keeps all your effects and text organized and editable. You can even save appearances as styles to use in the future by using your styles palette.

Thanks for following along! If you want, you can download the drop cap as a high-resolution PNG file. Sunday Best will be on sale on Etsy for a limited time! Enter coupon code SUNDAYBEST65 at checkout until August 1, 2014 to purchase Sunday Best for 65% off.

You can also check out Sunday Best on Creative Market, $25 until May 1, 2014.

All placeholder text is taken from the King James Version of the Bible and represents my personal beliefs. Lorem ipsum, while the industry standard, does not. This downloadable drop cap is covered under the Ornaments of Grace Basic EULA.

Thoughts? Share them!

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