A Month of Sundays Recap and Free Vector Drop Caps!

Thanks so much for following along with the Month of Sundays Drop Cap project! I had a lot of fun creating a new drop cap for all the letters of the alphabet with my latest font family, Sunday Best. What will you create with Sunday Best? Did you find the tutorials useful?

Drop Cap Displays6

Download the Drop Caps!

MonthofSundays DropCapsAs a special thank you for sticking around for a Month of Sundays, you can now download the vector version of the drop caps! I’ve also archived all the PNG files together in one zip file for your convenience, as a separate download. Download the .zip files here:

  • Download the vector files: Requires Adobe Illustrator CS4+. There are two vector files in Adobe Illustrator CS4 format contained in this archive. One requires the Sunday Best Complete Font Family, if you’d like to switch up the fonts and vary the weights. The other .ai file contains the drop caps as vector paths, rather than type layers.
  • Download the PNG files

The downloads are covered under my Basic License. These freebies are hosted by Google Drive. You do not need an account to download the files, but please contact me if you have trouble with the download.

This drop cap project for me was a study on how to keep text and effects as editable as possible. I’ve become better acquainted with the Illustrator Appearance palette, and I’ve discovered how important and useful it really is when designing with text. It’s ideal for type layers to remain editable, so effects applied via the Appearance Palette are extremely useful in that they themselves are editable and they keep the text editable also. It’s the new layers palette!

Again, I invite you to join me in discovering how much fun Sunday Best can be! The Sunday Best Etsy coupon is good for 65% off until August 1.* Just add Sunday Best Complete Family to your Etsy cart and use coupon code SUNDAYBEST65 at checkout. The Creative Market intro offer on Sunday Best will be extended until May 1, 2014.

*The coupon code expires August 1, 2014. The coupon code is valid on a purchase of $50 or more in my Etsy shop only.


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