10 Stone Textures – Volume 1 Released

I just released a new high-quality texture pack in my Creative Market shop! Check it out here.

These 10 high quality stone textures will provide a rugged edge to your designs. Delivered as high-quality 400 dpi PNG files, they’ll make a great background for your site, scrapbook, brochure, or other rustic design. You can even darken them up and add filters in Photoshop to create your very own custom vintage chalkboard background! 

I recently posted a sneak peek of the stone textures with a free blackboard texture.


All ten stone textures are shown in this order, with these dimensions:
(Some with a transparent background, with the rough stone edges meticulously isolated.)
Slate 1 – 4089 x 4552 – Rich browns and grays (Transparent)
Slate 2 – 3648 x 4018 – Gray with some brown
Slate 3 – 3182 x 4257 – Gray with brown flecks and a bold, dark gray stripe (Transparent)
Slate 4 – 3221 x 4221 – Gray with rusty stains and lots of character
Slate 5 – 2602 x 4085 – Tan and darker stains


Slate 6 – 2174 x 4053 – Muted gray and tan
Slate 7 – 3215 x 4228 – Gray and brown with holes drilled into it (Transparent)
Slate 8 – 3099 x 4347 – Dark gray (Transparent)
Slate 9 – 2890 x 4214 – Shades of gray with rust stains and holes drilled into it (Transparent)
Slate 10 – 4910 x 4328 – Dark gray

See another preview of the textures here.
(Preview is a medium-res web PDF. Watermarks will not appear in the files you purchase.)

I hope you enjoy these textures!


Thoughts? Share them!

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