The Banner Shoppe in a Deal on DesignCuts

Great news! The Banner Shoppe is part of a fantastic bundle on DesignCuts for the next two weeks (Tuesday, May 27 – Tuesday, June 10.) The Banner Shoppe is normally $20 on Creative Market (the $15 intro offer expires at the end of the month!) I’m so thankful for how well the Banner Shoppe has been doing. It’s been spotted on the Creative Market homepage, which features the most popular products, a number of times! Now you can snag this deal– which includes the Banner Shoppe and much more high-quality vector graphics- for only $29. Pick it up on DesignCuts!


DesignCuts is a London-based deals site on a mission to save designers from the time, stress, and financial burden of buying high-quality design resources. DesignCuts can save you anywhere between 80-95% on quality design resources such as brushes, vectors, fonts, textures, and more. One of my favorite things about DesignCuts – and a point that sets them apart from the rest – is the tutorials (and free samples!) that come with many of the deals. Each tutorial demonstrates how to create a design using some components featured in the current deal. It’s super cool! Check it out, and sign up for their newsletter to receive freebies, members-only perks, updates on new and current deals, and the latest tutorials.

A brief summary of what’s included in this great deal:
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Freebie! Light Vintage Wood Texture

Today I’ve got little gift for you for my birthday. My birthday isn’t today (it’s coming up!) but it’s not too early for you to start opening this little present. I believe in the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I’ve gotten loads of fun, free design goods online in the past, and now I get to share one of mine.

It’s just a texture. I know it’s not a very exciting birthday present, but I’d be pretty excited if I got one for my birthday. (Pretty nerdy, I know…) I recently made it for a wedding invitation out of a texture from this premium texture collection. It’s a light, distressed, vintage texture, adapted from some wood I found around my house. I hope you enjoy using it! Continue reading