The Banner Shoppe Released

I just released The Banner Shoppe, your one-stop shop for banners, ribbons, and all the brushes, styles, and other fripperies you’ll need to dress them up! Check it out in my shop. 

Here’s a rundown of what comes in the Banner Shoppe:


  • 120 Banners & Ribbons, in 4 styles each – .AI CS4+ (editable paths, layered file) and .PSD (semi-editable shape paths)
  • .CSH (Photoshop custom shapes files) of all the banners in every style

GOODIES – .AI CS4+ (editable paths, layered file with examples) and individual .AI libraries

  • 20 art brushes, including chalk, pencil, and runny ink
  • 1 calligraphic brush
  • 3 pattern brushes
  • 8 pattern swatches
  • 8 graphic styles



HELP FILE – Read this interactive PDF before getting started

  • Tutorials, tips, and tricks to help you make the banners your own!



5 Types of Banners included: 

  • A – Geometric – 16 banners
  • B – Centered – 38 banners
  • C – Slanted – 23 banners
  • D – Asymmetrical – 13 banners
  • E – Multi-Layer – 30 banners

4 Styles:

  • Basic / Handmade
  • Doubled Up / Inner Border
  • Outer Border
  • Shaded

More Features:

  • In the .AI file, banners are given as editable paths (not flattened). This means you can easily resize the banners in Illustrator using the select tools, or apply any brush of your choice. (Banners are flattened in the .PSD file as compound paths)
  • Each banner is made up of several panels, making it easy for you to switch the orientation of the banner – simply reorder the layers. (A simple tutorial for this is also included.)
  • Centered text paths are included on each banner, as well as horizontal line blends for custom shading and/or text paths.


• Fonts used are from Charcuterie ( and Cantarell
• Like the chalkboard texture in one of the displays? Pick up the free texture here. You can also pick up some stone textures in my shop:

intermediate knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is recommended to do advanced editing, but be sure to check out the help file for tips and tutorials. If you have questions, please read the product FAQs or send me a message. I’m happy to help!

Did you give the Banner Shoppe a try? Feel free to comment and include a short review below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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