Freebies + A Country Tour Volume 1 Textures Released

In the past few weeks, I’ve been on my own little adventure cooking up a new texture series. My family and I live in the farmland of Wayne County, Ohio, so I felt it was time to take a little country tour and make some rustic textures. Armed with my camera, tripod, scanner, laptop, and extension cord/surge protector, I started the tour around our house. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, and while not many people might find much to look at in old wood with peeling paint, or might wrinkle their nose at a deck that needs a coat of paint, a designer knows full well that these rustic surfaces are super useful for design projects, especially when translated from 3D to digital. So begins our little country tour.


For this first outing of our country tour, I was graciously humored by some family members, who let me walk around their tidy little farmyard and photograph the barn, the tractor shed, and even some old farm equipment (stay tuned for future installments of a Country Tour!) So I am very pleased to have released Volume 1 of the Country Tour series today in my shop on Creative Market! Check out these 20 rustic wood textures today!


Check out the listing to preview the rest of the textures!

A Country Tour Volume 1: The Barnyard features 20 high-quality wood textures straight from the farm, complete with rustic country charm. These textures were made from the siding of old barns, garages, and tractor sheds. I hope these will be perfect for your next design or mockup! Use adjustment layers in Photoshop to change the colors of the wood. Stay tuned! I’ll be releasing a tutorial on my blog in the near future to demonstrate this. Soon I’ll also be writing about the process of my first real, live hand-lettered project, namely, the Country Tour logo.

I was also pretty excited to be able to collaborate with Ian from Vintage Design Co. over on Creative Market in his latest project, Sign Painter’s Studio. I’ve used it in the display image for The Barnyard texture collection (and the first image in this post) and was happy to be able to contribute some original textures of my own to the Sign Painter’s Studio. You can check it out Ian’s super-cool product here, or in his shop.


Thanks for joining me on this outing of our Country Tour! Please see the listing and FAQs for more information, including texture dimensions, compatibility and display image info.

So… About those freebies…?

To get you started on your own little country tour, I’m giving away some new textures that go right along with it. These five textures aren’t in any of my premium collections but are completely exclusive for this blog!


  • File Format: jpg
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Dimensions: 3500px wide x 2333-2406px high
  • Covered under the Basic License

Download Free on Dropbox – 34 MB

Wood1 copy Wood2 copy Wood3 copy Wood4 copy Wood5 copy

You don’t need a Dropbox account. This freebie is covered under my Basic License, which means it’s fine for personal and commercial use.

Thanks for visiting! What will you create?


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