How to Install & Use Illustrator Brushes

Are you eager to get started installing and using your new Illustrator brushes? I’ve written a tutorial on Creative Market on the basics of Illustrator Brushes, including a guide demonstrating how to use them and install them. Check it out! Illustrator Brushes are awesome!

Read the tutorial here.


New! Harvest Winds Vector Collection

From Ornaments of Grace comes a delightful collection of handmade autumn illustrations, the perfect companion to Thankful Complete.

The Harvest Winds Vector Collection features over 80 autumn illustrations and ornaments, 14 Illustrator pattern brushes, and 25+ typographical elements. Be sure to click on the first display to view all the charming autumn illustrations.

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New Font Family: Thankful Complete!

This is my favorite time of year, when I remember just how much I have to be thankful for. Among the blessings for which I ALWAYS ought to be more thankful- of God, His will and ways, family, health, and life- there are also many things to look forward to about fall: warm, mulled Apple Cider… Peppery smooth pumpkin pie… Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg… crisp air and warm, spicy flavors… Leaves partially gilded a brilliant yellow, orange, and red… Heavy autumn clouds against a crisp, fresh azure sky… A fabulously fun Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends… These are just some of the things I absolutely love about an Ohio autumn. These autumnal comforts, early 20th century vintage type, and my own hand lettering helped inspire my latest offering to you: Thankful Complete, because there’s a lot to be thankful for!  Check out Thankful Complete in my shop…. at last!

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Coming Soon… New Fonts on the Horizon!

Coming soon… After months of drawing, cleaning up paths, kerning, testing, and fine tuning, my latest work in progress, a font super-family named Thankful, is almost ready to release! Along with 8 font sub-families, there will be some pretty nice vectors, extras, and bonuses. Thankful is a super-family partly based on some old-fashioned type from early twentieth-century type foundries, and partly based on some of my own hand-lettered designs. It’s been a fun, huge learning experience for me. Among many other things, I learned about designing a script, I learned my way around Glyphs a little better, and I learned a little more about patterns in Illustrator, thanks to some help from a kind beta-tester. Stay tuned! With 28 fonts, (and counting!) vectors, and bonuses, it’s going to be epic!