Christmas Presents for Everyone! Freebies and a Sale

I hope everyone is having a splendid Holiday Season so far! Even though it’s not quite Christmas yet (only 3 more days!) I’ve got a few early presents for everyone.

Before Thanksgiving, I released Thankful Complete, a font super-family. Sometimes, during my design process, I end with several “by-products” that I didn’t plan on, fun extras that I keep around for a rainy day. (My projects always tend to multiply in ways I never imagined!) With a little cleaning up, polishing, and dressing up, I decided to show a little more love to the unreleased extra weights of Thankful Complete- as well as my faithful visitors! It’s always the right time of year to be thankful, so I’m now expanding the family to include three free weights! But first…

Thankful Complete on Sale!

Enjoy 30% off Thankful Complete until December 31 on Creative Market, or Etsy (Use coupon code THANKFUL30). Now for the freebies:

Thankful Sans Bold – 2 Free Weights


Thankful Sans Bold goes right along with the Slim and Regular weights of Thankful Sans (available in Thankful Complete.) Thankful Bold and Thankful Bold Inline have an extended Latin character set.

Thankful Modern Fancy – 1 Free Weight


Thankful Modern Fancy is a free weight of the Thankful Complete Family. Thankful Modern is even stackable with some of the weights of Thankful Modern (available in Thankful Complete.) Thankful Modern Fancy has an extended Latin character set.

You don’t need a Dropbox account. These free fonts are covered under my Basic License, which means it’s fine for personal and commercial use. By downloading the fonts, you agree to the terms.

Stay tuned… there are more presents to come!


Thoughts? Share them!

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