Capriccio is in a Deal on DesignCuts!

If you love fonts, you’ll love this new deal from Designcuts. 22 Best-Selling Gorgeous Fonts (why thank you!) is just that: 22 awesome fonts from top-selling authors, including old favorites and new hits. This one is a fun one: among the scripts, brush fonts, layered fonts, AND a fun bonus is my latest font, Capriccio! Of course, I can personally vouch for the fun-ness of that one! And all this for only $29 until March 17.


Be sure to check it out! Here are some of my favorites:

22Fonts - 22-fonts-222Fonts - 22-fonts-322Fonts - 22-fonts-522Fonts - 22-fonts-8b22Fonts - 22-fonts-11a

Thanks for stopping by! Check out the deal here.


One thought on “Capriccio is in a Deal on DesignCuts!

  1. Thanks so much for such a wonderful write up Beth! We really appreciate you mentioning our bundle, and it’s a pleasure teaming up with you again! So many beautiful fonts in this bundle, including Capriccio, we’re all geeking out big time over here :).


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