NEW! Artisan’s Tool Chest + Freebies

I’m delighted to announce that after months of scheming, creating and tweaking, I’ve just released a new product to my shop! I give you Artisan’s Tool Chest ! Check it out today!

Just like the go-to set of pens and pencils used by a hand-letterer, or the favorite nibs in a calligrapher’s collection, let Artisan’s Tool Chest be your new favorite digital artist’s tool box of brushes, patterns, frames, letters, and ornaments. If you liked The Brush Studio, you’ll be right at home, and you’ll love this even more.

What’s in Artisan’s Tool Chest? What about the free goodies? Read on!

★ Brushes – 149+ Art Brushes // These 149 handcrafted, super realistic art brushes represent the building blocks of Artisan’s Tool Chest, with which nearly all of the other components may be customized. Additionally, a selection of 55 art brushes from the Basic Brushes collection creates another brush library. These brushes have been optimized to work seamlessly with the SwatchCrafter and BorderCrafter systems. Since these brushes return to the traditional one-compound-path approach, they are less resource-intensive and will also work better on machines with less memory.

See all the brushes here and here.


★ Swatches – 10+ Pattern Swatches // The 10 charcoal swatches were digitized from actual charcoal scribbles. These seamless charcoal fills will realistically mimic handmade colored areas of chalk, pencil, and charcoal. Also included are 25 variants that are less resource-intensive and will work better on machines with less memory.

See the swatches here.


★ Pattern Studio – Swatch/Border Templates + Actions // The Pattern Studio system is designed to streamline the tricky process of creating patterns and provide you thousands of ways to create and customize your own, using the generous selection of seamless pattern templates. SwatchCrafter and BorderCrafter provide pattern templates you customize, and then actions you use to transform your custom tiles into works of art.

  • SwatchCrafter // Pattern swatches have reached a whole new level of customization with SwatchCrafter. Use brushes from Artisan’s Tool Chest to customize the 22 swatch templates to your liking, and use the SwatchCrafter action to easily create custom patterns in any color and texture.

I’ve made a couple demo videos to demonstrate BorderCrafter and SwatchCrafter. (Wow! First demo videos – this was a slight departure from my comfort zone 😉

  • BorderCrafter // The pattern brush counterpart to SwatchCrafter revolutionizes and streamlines the creation of handmade pattern brushes. The BorderCrafter action is a flexible tool to help you easily customize the 13 border templates with brushes and symbols of your choice and create your own unique pattern brush library.
  • Dot Symbols // These 42 handmade charcoal and ink dot symbols will add a sense of fun and vivacity to the patterns and can also add charm to other elements of Artisan’s Tool Chest.


★ Artisan Lettering Kit // Similar to a job case of metal letters from the days of Victorian moveable type- but much more dynamic- the Artisan Lettering Kit is the crowning jewel of Artisan’s Tool Chest. These five unique alphabets (including 9 total styles) mimic modern vintage hand-lettering styles. Three of these alphabets are especially customizable, with shadows and embellishments to make the lettering your own. 9 catchword sets give the set a finishing touch. Crafted by hand with a focus on charm rather than precision, Artisan Lettering Kit will lend your design a truly handmade feel.


★ Artisan Framing Kit // These 1-, 2-, 3-, or multi-layer framing elements can be custom-mixed to create charming artisanal borders and frames for your designs. When you use the brushes and combine ornaments along with the 60+ Artisan Framing Kit, thousands of possibilities await.

★ Ornaments // 60+ ornaments, sunbursts, and stars will be just what you need to embellish your design. Integrate them with brushes and frames and have fun!

Ready for some free goodies?


To celebrate the release of this project that I’ve worked on for so long, I’ve also created a collection of awesome assets to go right along with Artisan’s Tool Chest and will be perfect for all of your digitally handmade artwork. Included in this awesome pack are:

  • 4 seamless vector paper pattern swatches
  • 3 Chalkboard Mockups (with Easter eggs!)
  • 2 400 DPI PNG authentic chalkboard textures
  • 1 customizable vector chalkboard texture


  • File Formats: .PSD / .AI / .PNG
  • Resolution: 400 dpi / 300 dpi / vector
  • Number of files: 7
  • Covered under the Basic License
  • Software Requirements: Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6

Download Free from Dropbox – [350.61 MB]

Thanks for stopping by, and happy designing!


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