Meet Humoresque!


I’m delighted to introduce you to Humoresque, a wisecracking sign painter mini-font family. The family began as a layered lettering set in Artisan’s Tool Chest. If you liked using that, you’ll enjoy using the first font family in the Artisan Type Collection- Humoresque! The “Revival” lettering set has been refined, boosted, and programmed as a font that you can install and use for all of your Victorian-revival style projects. Humoresque draws inspiration from modern hand-lettering and turn-of-the-century decorative type. It’s great for bold displays and headlines of wit and whimsy. Check out the family here!


Humoresque is a family of mini fonts. What’s a “mini font,” you ask? This just means that Humoresque has a more limited character set than many fonts. However, it includes a nice selection of extended latin characters and extra currency symbols. With 12 weights and extended Latin, it’s more of a Mega-mini font.

The User Guide may be viewed here.



Layer it! Humoresque has 12 weights that you can layer in countless ways. (Check out Display 4 and 6). All weights (except 00 Plain) include an additional stylistic alternate character set for layering. Open your Character Panel (Photoshop) or OpenType Panel (Illustrator) and select the Stylistic Alternate option to type with the effect only minus the main layer shape.



Humoresque works best- and is more easy to layer- in OpenType savvy apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy designing.


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