Thanks for stopping by to visit and learn more about Creatifolio Design Studio!

Creatifolio Design Studio a tiny studio owned and operated by Beth Rufener, a believer, wife, mom, designer, and hand-letterer from Northeastern Ohio. In 2013, I opened my shop Ornaments of Grace to start selling digital products. Since 2014, I’ve been hand-lettering up a storm. In 2015, I joined the Customer Support team at Creative Market.

I truly enjoy creating quality, useful designs and resources and I’m very thankful when others can use them create fantastic, beautifully detailed designs. Feel free to browse the blog, visit my shops, and check out my tutorials and freebies!

  • If you have questions or just want to chat, please drop me a note.
  • View my Terms of Use for more information on how you can use those great freebies.
  • Sorry! I’m not able to accept any custom design or lettering projects at this time.
  • I’d be happy to do custom licensing for any of my current goods. View my Terms of Use for my available licensing options.
Note: Any advertisements that may appear on this site are part and parcel of a free WordPress dot come blog; unfortunately, I have no control over them, and they may not reflect my views or personal opinions. If you want to hide ads, I recommend uBlock for Chrome or an alternative ad blocker.

Updated October 4, 2017


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