Create a Simple Animated GIF from your Lettering


Recently I entered a contest, deciding to procrastinate no longer in learning to create animated GIFs in Photoshop to announce my latest product. The process was much easier than I had imagined. Drawing inspiration from the header here, I created a fun and easy way to animate my hand lettering- or any design- using Photoshop to create an animated GIF. I’ve also created some actions (which you can download free) that streamlined and sped up the process. Continue reading


NEW! Artisan’s Tool Chest + Freebies

I’m delighted to announce that after months of scheming, creating and tweaking, I’ve just released a new product to my shop! I give you Artisan’s Tool Chest ! Check it out today!

Just like the go-to set of pens and pencils used by a hand-letterer, or the favorite nibs in a calligrapher’s collection, let Artisan’s Tool Chest be your new favorite digital artist’s tool box of brushes, patterns, frames, letters, and ornaments. If you liked The Brush Studio, you’ll be right at home, and you’ll love this even more.

What’s in Artisan’s Tool Chest? What about the free goodies? Read on! Continue reading

Christmas Presents for Everyone! Freebies and a Sale

I hope everyone is having a splendid Holiday Season so far! Even though it’s not quite Christmas yet (only 3 more days!) I’ve got a few early presents for everyone.

Before Thanksgiving, I released Thankful Complete, a font super-family. Sometimes, during my design process, I end with several “by-products” that I didn’t plan on, fun extras that I keep around for a rainy day. (My projects always tend to multiply in ways I never imagined!) With a little cleaning up, polishing, and dressing up, I decided to show a little more love to the unreleased extra weights of Thankful Complete- as well as my faithful visitors! It’s always the right time of year to be thankful, so I’m now expanding the family to include three free weights! But first… Continue reading

Freebies + A Country Tour Volume 1 Textures Released

In the past few weeks, I’ve been on my own little adventure cooking up a new texture series. My family and I live in the farmland of Wayne County, Ohio, so I felt it was time to take a little country tour and make some rustic textures. Armed with my camera, tripod, scanner, laptop, and extension cord/surge protector, I started the tour around our house. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, and while not many people might find much to look at in old wood with peeling paint, or might wrinkle their nose at a deck that needs a coat of paint, a designer knows full well that these rustic surfaces are super useful for design projects, especially when translated from 3D to digital. So begins our little country tour.

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Freebie! Light Vintage Wood Texture

Today I’ve got little gift for you for my birthday. My birthday isn’t today (it’s coming up!) but it’s not too early for you to start opening this little present. I believe in the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I’ve gotten loads of fun, free design goods online in the past, and now I get to share one of mine.

It’s just a texture. I know it’s not a very exciting birthday present, but I’d be pretty excited if I got one for my birthday. (Pretty nerdy, I know…) I recently made it for a wedding invitation out of a texture from this premium texture collection. It’s a light, distressed, vintage texture, adapted from some wood I found around my house. I hope you enjoy using it! Continue reading

Weekly Free Design Goods Roundup

It’s always fun to find high quality design resources for a good price. Even better than that? High quality, commercial use design assets for free. Who doesn’t like free goods? Sure, you can find lots of free fonts, vectors, and photos online. However, many of those resources are either low-quality or only for personal or demo use. Personal use is just fine for many folks, but for creative professionals who do work for clients, it’s nice to have a full library of goods with a commercial license. I believe it’s important to follow the letter of the law- especially with free goods- when it comes to licensing, because someone out there used their talent and took the time to create something high quality. That’s why I always enjoy finding high-quality resources that are also good for commercial or client work.

I’ve found several sources of free goods that are particularly useful. Whether you’re looking for new wallpaper for your desktop or designing for a client, I hope these will be helpful to you, too: Continue reading

Freebie! Chalkboard Texture and Chalk Design Inspiration

Chalk lettering is so popular today, thanks to the beautiful artwork being created by talented chalk designers for companies, stores, restaurants, events, and even home decorations. It’s definitely been added to the list of my new favorite design styles.

Live a Quiet Life... Dana Tanamachi
Chalkboard Artist Dana Tanamachi’s Signature Piece
Jerky Co. Dana Tanamachi
A chalkboard advertisement also by Dana Tanamachi

Check out my Pinterest Board, Typography & Lettering, for more hand lettering and chalk-lettered inspiration. Continue reading

Freebie! Vintage Scrapbooking Textures

Today I’ve got something fun for everyone- some free textures for you to use in your personal and commercial designs!

This distressed set of textures, available in 12 vintage colors, is a perfect background or texture for greeting cards, scrapbooks, digital albums, banners, and more. Two different sizes and orientations make it great for any project. The 12×12 size makes it a perfect fit for digital scrapbooks.


  • 12 Vintage Colors
  • File Format: jpg
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Two Sizes: 10″ x 8″ (3000px by 2400px) and 12″ x 12″ (3600px by 3600px) – a perfect size for digital scrapbook papers
  • Covered under the Basic License
  • Colors include: Scarlet, Earth, Treasure Map, Parchment, Sepia, Winter Forest, Sage, Aqua, Oasis, Blue Smoke, Royalty, and Marble. All the colors are shown here:

12 Vintage Scrapbook Papers -

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