NEW! Artisan’s Tool Chest + Freebies

I’m delighted to announce that after months of scheming, creating and tweaking, I’ve just released a new product to my shop! I give you Artisan’s Tool Chest ! Check it out today!

Just like the go-to set of pens and pencils used by a hand-letterer, or the favorite nibs in a calligrapher’s collection, let Artisan’s Tool Chest be your new favorite digital artist’s tool box of brushes, patterns, frames, letters, and ornaments. If you liked The Brush Studio, you’ll be right at home, and you’ll love this even more.

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Capriccio is in a Deal on DesignCuts!

If you love fonts, you’ll love this new deal from Designcuts. 22 Best-Selling Gorgeous Fonts (why thank you!) is just that: 22 awesome fonts from top-selling authors, including old favorites and new hits. This one is a fun one: among the scripts, brush fonts, layered fonts, AND a fun bonus is my latest font, Capriccio! Of course, I can personally vouch for the fun-ness of that one! And all this for only $29 until March 17.


Be sure to check it out! Here are some of my favorites:

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New in my Shop: Leathercrafter’s Studio

The final installment of the latest multi-release in my shop is a huge collection of my best digital leatherworking goods. Leathercrafter’s Studio is the definitive, comprehensive leather texture collection, including all you need for a rugged, realistic leather design. It’s a bundle of all of my shop’s leather goods, including all the leather textures, stitching brushes, grommets and rivets, and the latest Leathercrafter effects. If you like leather, you’ll love this! Check it out in my shop.

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New in my Shop: The Leathercrafter

As part two of my Ornaments of Grace leather mega-release, I give you The Leathercrafter, a smart PSD using style effects to transform your vector-based shapes and text to tooling, branding or stamping. It’s a perfect companion to any leather texture! (And it’s a great companion to Leather Library, also just released in my shop!)

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New in my Shop: Leather Library: 100 Textures

Okay, we’re into leather around here, and if you like leather, you’ll love what I’ve just released in my shop today. You’ve probably already seen The Full-Grain Leather Collection and Leather Love. Well, this is bigger and better!

I’ve had a whole bunch of new leather textures sitting around, and I’ve finally put them all together to create one last huge collection of high-quality textures. I’m pretty excited to finally introduce Leather Library, 100 high-quality leather textures made from high-resolution scans of full-grain, top grain, bonded, and faux leather. Continue reading